Sunday, March 18, 2007


Son: [marches into room] Dad, I can't sleep.

GDad: [awaking from bizarre dream] Well, that successfully makes two of us. What's wrong?

Son: I don't know. I can't sleep.

GDad: OK, Let's go in your room and see what's up. [room is too hot] I'll just take off five of your blankets and leave you with the other two.

Son: [testily] OK.

GDad: I'm going back to bed.

GPop: Was he OK?

GDad: Yes. I'm going back to sleep.

[15 minutes later]
Son: Dad, I'm wide awake now.

GDad: OK. Let's go downstairs and put in a Simpsons DVD. That usually puts you to sleep. [Son marches out]

GPop: [sleepily] Give him a glass of warm milk.

GDad: [incredulously] What?

GPop: Give him a glass of warm milk.

GDad: That's disgusting. Have you *ever* fallen asleep because of a glass of warm milk?

GPop: [sullenly] Maybe.

GDad: Hmmm...

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