Sunday, April 29, 2007

It Could Be Worse, I Suppose...

Son's birthday came and went during the colder part of the so-called "Spring" that we have endured experienced endured for the past month or so. At his birthday, we told him that we would get him a new bike, since when he joined our family, he came with a bicycle that was probably not going to last too much longer, given that Son was no longer six years old or three feet tall.

On Monday last, we took him to a local bike shop (Are there any such things as national bike chains? (ha ha, get it?)) to look at different kinds. He was vacillating between the little trick bikes and a Giant Boulder mountain bike. We discussed the decision in terms of buying the equipment to do what you need it to do, not for its coolness factor. Because of our location and environment, the mountain bike made the most sense. Unfortunately, the shop needed to order one of the right size that would arrive later in the week.

Fast forward to Friday...

On Friday afternoon, Son called me and asked how many friends he could invite over to spend the night. I advised that we would be able to accommodate two overnight or more for just an evening. He also asked if we would be getting his new bike that evening.

"You realize that your friends will have to come with us, right?"

"I know."

"They may not be that excited to watch someone else's bike being assembled."

"That's OK."

He invited Thing 1 and Thing 2 to come over and play. Thing 1's dad dropped off Thing 1, and then we went into the bike shop. Since I had the pickup truck, we couldn't quite get to Thing 2 until GPop came home from work to retrieve him. We all converged on the bike store, and the bike was born.

At that point we were hungry, so we went to the newly reopened Small Town Restaurant in town for dinner. Because it was a Friday night, the restaurant was full, so GPop and I sat outside on a bench while Son, Thing 1, and Thing 2 went across the road to play in a small park near the fountain.

GPop: How soon do you think it will be until one of them falls in the fountain?

GDad: I'm not going to guess if we're using The Price Is Right rules. Hey, is Thing 1 sick? He's bending over the railing.

GPop: I think they're practicing kicking each other in the butt.

GDad: Well, at least they're taking turns.

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