Friday, May 25, 2007

Math Poetry

Son brought home an assignment last night to write math poems. What fun! I'm trying these.

Obtuse Angle
An obtuse angle
Greater than ninety degrees
Cooler than acute

The number under the line
Making things smaller

O, were that I a proper ray,
From here, I’d start and go that way,
Never stopping, once I’d start,
Never veering, off I’d dart.

A triangular shape called a prism
Caused the light to divert in a schism.
The spectrum we see,
Or “rainbow” to me,
Contains red, as in Red Communism.


PC Strobe said...

I like those. May help son remember some of his math terms too.

pixnlil said...

Math takes much practice
To do it accurately
So just make stuff up

pixnlil said...

My num lock comes off
Numbers no longer appear
Must add in my head