Monday, May 28, 2007

More Math Poetry

Son was struggling with the math poetry assignment. I helped him out a bit by explaining limericks and haikus in great detail.

da DA da da DA da da DA
da DA da da DA da da DA
de DE de de DE
de DE de de DE
da DA da da DA da da DA.

First five syllables.
Then come seven syllables.
Then back to the five.

He thought about it, and decided to do two poems on pi. I taught him how to do a quick poor man's rhyming dictionary by going through the alphabet to find rhymes (bye, die, fie, guy, hi, lie, etc.), and he came up with these.

There once was a number called pi.
The end of it never is nigh.
It starts out with three.
It's confusing to me.
To think about it makes me sigh.

A long number: pi.
They say it goes on forever.
Where does it all go?

The math poet - not quite the warrior philosopher, but...

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