Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not Very Funny

Brother 3, who is almost 15 years younger than me is of college age. He was walking back to his house from a friend's house last night, both of which are near the campus of Large State University, and three guys hit him, knocked him down, took his wallet, and took off. He managed to get up quickly enough to chase them. He found his wallet down the street a way, and his driver's license was still in it, but all of his money was gone.

The right side of his face is pretty bruised and contused, and he's in a bit of pain, but he's otherwise unhurt. He came over and slept a lot today. I fed him, and then sent him home.

Since it was just money, I doubt they'll get caught. I can only hope that they meet with swift justice. I'm not in a particularly forgiving mood right now.

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