Monday, June 25, 2007

Sicko - Not the Movie

So Son has had this rash on his torso. We took him to the doctor when it was one spot on his neck, and we got the word that it was ringworm. OK, that sounds kind of gross, but the treatment is just an antifungal cream.

The rash got worse.

The next appointment led to the diagnosis that it was some kind of environmental allergen or infection that would clear up on its own. Now the treatment is a hydrocortisone cream.

Son went to visit relatives for a week. When he got back, the rash had gotten worse.

I took him today. The doctor glanced at the rash, and immediately said, "This is consistent with impetigo. It's a bacterial infection. Here's a prescription for an antibiotic. He's contagious for three days. Wash your hands and call me if anyone else in the house starts to break out or has a sore throat."

So, I have a sore throat now.

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