Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Anger Issues Redux

We took Son to his swimming lessons yesterday at the YMCA. After the lessons, I waited out in the lobby while Son dressed and GPop wandered. Son came out of the locker room, pulled me aside, and whispered, "There was an angry pooper in there!"

It seems that one of the bodybuilder types had been in the bathroom, pooping angrily. GPop and I have noticed that the bodybuilders at the YMCA seem to have a direct relationship between size of their muscles and the volume of their voices.

In addition, there is also some kind of requirement for bodybuilders to have a signature grunt of some kind. One guy says something like, "Samma samma SCHWOOO!"

Another guy says, "Hunga."

It's not surprising that they are also angry poopers. Maybe the high-protein, low-fiber diet has something to do with it.