Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Anger Issues

I was in the men's room yesterday at work, and there was someone in the next stall who had severe anger issues with respect to pooping.

I heard this muttering. "Gddamit mthrfkr jeeeseskrist ohgod. [plop] Jeesesgod fk sht. [plop]"

After about two minutes of this, the guy got up, slammed the stall door open, and angrily washed his hands. I stayed put until he left.

Hey, at least he wasn't taking a stall call.


Angry Professor said...

It was I. You walked into the ladies' room by mistake.

GDad said...

Jeebus, I hope not. If so, the ladies' room in our building is pretty disgusting.

Plus, I Am Not A Doctor, but I'd strongly recommend a diet higher in fiber.

Dave said...

This poor guy was asking Jesus to make his poop easier and you mock him. How insensitive. You must be a non-believer. Jesus loves us all, even our poop.

GDad said...


Welcome to our little family of readers. You are reader #6! Congratulations for getting in at the ground level.

Mandy said...

Hehehe, you said stall.