Monday, July 2, 2007

Take it to the Limit One More Time

We went to see Ratatouille this weekend. Like every other Pixar film so far, it is quite good. The theater was full. GPop about burst a blood vessel, because the family sitting behind us seemed to have some kind of genetic indecisiveness regarding where the small boy was going to sit.
"Do you want to go see Mommy? She has popcorn."
"Why don't you go sit with Grandpa?"
"Mommy wants to see you; go sit with her."

All of these remarks were at normal conversational volume. I understand that this was a family movie, and we should expect kids to talk, but the adults were oblivious to the fact that there were other people around.

Son's older brother came to visit us for the weekend. I'd use an acronym for "Son's Older Brother," but that wouldn't work out. Anyway, Son's Older Brother is 16. We try to make sure Son can see him regularly. Son's Older Brother got the BIG DRINK for the movie, so Son had to copy and get the same. Son's Older Brother got a refill during the previews, so Son had to copy and get the same.

Son's prodigious intake of carbonated beverage caused intense bloating after the movie. He was crying and making retching sounds in the back seat on the way home. We kept the windows open in case of sudden issues. After about five minutes on the road, Son proclaimed, "You are so lucky the windows are open." Then he felt better.

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