Monday, August 13, 2007

A Bridge Is Burnt

I have been a long-time foe of Wl*Mrt, and I hadn't shopped there for about 10 years. Son keeps getting these Wl*Mrt gift cards and stuff, and I choose to demonstrate why I don't shop there instead of simply lecturing that we don't shop there for political or philosophical reasons.

Son saved up some cash, and he wanted to buy Guitar Hero II, with the guitar, for the PS2. Wl*Mrt had it on their web site for about $3 less that Target had on its web site. When I called the local Wl*Mrt, which is quite a bit closer to us than Target, the electronics clerk answered, "Yeah," to my query about whether they had the item in stock. Reluctantly, I sallied forth with Son to get his new game.

We arrived at the store, and I immediately got the willies from even being in the store. We passed the sewing section first, and I decided to get some fabric to make this year's Link costume. The fabric lady was helping another family, so Son and I looked for another accessory. When I saw the family leave, I took the fabric to the cutting counter, but the lady was off restocking shelves. I approached her, and said, "Good evening, ma'am. We're ready when you get a chance."

She replied, "Ready for what?"

"We have some fabric."

"Hmmm..." She approached the counter, and asked, "How much do you need?"

"Well, how about 3 yards?"

"I don't know if there is that much." She flipped the fabric over a couple of times, and counted out two yards. That was all.

Son said, "It's for my Halloween costume."

"I... see..."

I told her, "I guess that will do nicely. Thanks."

She pinned the receipt to the fabric and pushed it across the table to me without another word. I took the fabric and left her area.

At the video games counter, the electronics guy was impatiently and condescendingly explaining to a young woman what she needed to hook up a DVD player to her TV. When he finished talking to her, he looked at us, and asked, "You need a game?"

I asked if he had Guitar Hero II for the PS2. He said, "I need a key." He led us to the display case, then said, "I need a manager. It's in the back." He disappeared for about five minutes. Then he came back, only to tell us that it was out of stock, but we were welcome to purchase the guitar and game separately for only $30 more. Son and I declined, and we ended up putting back the fabric, too.

No Wl*Mrt. EVER!

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PC Strobe said...

Heh, and their stock is fairly stagnant, while Target stock is steadily rising . . .