Monday, August 6, 2007

The Dream Theme

Throughout my life, I've had recurring themes in my dreams. When I was a kid, I routinely dreamed of the monster in the basement. He lived under the stairs to the basement in a coffin. As near as I could tell from my dreams, he was some kind of undead creature. He was quite pale, and he wore a black suit with a white shirt and white gloves. His body and face never moved, but his gloved hand would come out of the coffin still attached to his infinitely stretchy arm and pursue me though the house. This was a terrible feeling, but the dreams went away when we moved to our new house when I was five years old.

Later in my elementary years, I dreamed several times about three wise old women that lived in the basement of my great-grandmother's home. In my dreams, I could see and hear them through a vent in the floor. They would sit in the basement, sewing and talking of matters of great import. I could only hear snippets of their conversations, and they were never scary, but rather intriguing. I never did figure out how to get to the basement to talk to them directly. My great-grandmother's house didn't have a basement in reality, although I did hear a while back that my great-grandfather, who died before I was born, had built a small secret compartment under the house to store booze during Prohibition.

In the interest of keeping the site family-friendly, let's skip over dream themes from adolescence.

In my college years, and even up to now, I've had a recurring dream that happens several times a year. I'm holding a schedule of final exams for my course load, and I'm hurrying to the next final. I realize with great dread that I've never attended the class, and I haven't dropped it. I'm certain that I'm going to fail, because I don't know a thing about the subject matter, but I have no way to get out of the exam.

Since I graduated college, I have another recurring dream where I get a letter in the mail that recalls me to service as a Resident Advisor in the university residence halls. I spent three years in that role (free room and board!), and I can't imagine cutting down on my accumulated detritus enough to fit back into a single-room apartment without cooking facilities. Plus, I'm way too curmudgeonly to put up with college students again.

The third recurring theme is that I'm about to go on stage to play my part in the opening night of some big production. The panic sets in when I realize that I have no idea what my lines are supposed to be. In high school, I was in a couple of theater productions, and I have had some solo speaking parts in some chorus productions, so being on stage isn't the scary part. The scary part is not having prepared.

The fourth major theme is that GPop decides that he's done with me, and takes off without explanation. This is the one that actually makes me wake up sweating when I have these dreams. Fortunately, they don't happen too often, and they have no basis in reality.

I bring these up, because in the past two weeks, I've had a dream in each of these four adult themes. It's kind of crazy that they line up so much.

What themes do you have?

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Chris Adams said...

I have a few.

-Periodically I have a dream that we own a very old house, which turns out to be haunted. It then naturally turns on us and tries to kill us in the most grindhouseesque manner possible.

-Then there's the type of dream where I am wandering through a place I've obviously never been before. Yet, it seems so real and it seems so rooted in my reality I can't help but wake up and second guess whether or not I really was there.

-Of course there's the mandatory wandering around in my underwear, but I won't subject you to those details.