Friday, August 10, 2007

How Much Postage Again?

Dear Canada,

Thank you very much for the lovely cooler weather you sent us yesterday evening. We really appreciate it. I hope everything is good for you up there. GPop and Son say, "Hello." Please tell Montreal we said, "Bonjour."


Le Cher Canada,

Merci infiniment du beau refroidisseur vous survivent à nous a envoyés hier soir. Nous l'apprécions vraiment. J'espère que tout est bon pour vous vers le haut là. GPop et Fils indiquent, "bonjour." Veuillez dire Montréal que nous avons dit, "Hello."



PC Strobe said...

Clever! I sure got a chuckle out of this one!

GDad said...

I decided that I really needed to re-establish cordial relations with Canada again, after having fallen in with a bad crowd and having made fun of their floppy heads and such.