Friday, August 3, 2007

Son's Future

I was speaking to Rusty yesterday, one of the couple next door who watches Son while school isn't in session. I was mentioning that Son seems to be just a bit calmer now that the adoption is final.

Rusty told me that he had been talking to Son about that, and that Rusty had guided the discussion by saying, "It sure is nice knowing that you have a family and knowing that your future is secure."

Son replied, "Yes. I know that I'm going to college now."

The maudlin side of me is all verklempt, but the analytical side is looking to start a 529 plan.


Angry Professor said...

There you go! Start writing some really big checks.

Aren't they great? (The kids, I mean, not the 529s, although those are pretty cool, too...)

Belated congratulations, by the way, to you, GPop and Son.

GDad said...

Thanks, AP. We're all really happy.

Now I get to wade through the school system's bureaucracy to get Son's name and SSN changed on all of his forms.

And the IRS implications - oy vey!