Monday, October 29, 2007

I Do Not Envy Roger Ebert

Son was still a bit sick over the weekend, and he was complaining that he had nothing to do. Never mind that our home is filled with books, games, video games, and that he has a number of things he could do outside while sick that would provide a little fresh air without tiring him out.

Anyway, GPop had to work on Saturday, so he brought home a couple of movies from the little rental kiosk in the local grocery store. 1 movie, 1 day, 1 dollar.

GPop called from the store and asked about Talladega Nights (I'm not linking to it.). I told him that he could get it if he wanted, but I really had no intention of actually watching it. He brought it home, and we made it about as far into it as we made it into Anchorman (I'm not linking to this one, either. No use in promoting dreck.) - about 20 minutes. Will Ferrell is no longer welcome in our home. Maybe there's some kind of karmic comeuppance for the obnoxious stupid people in the movie, but I don't think I can make it far enough to be able to tell. Or care.


Zach said...

But... I love Will Ferrell

GDad said...

And I support your right to love Will Ferrell. However, except in Massachusetts, you may not marry him. (Oh no he didn't!)

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