Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Line From a Meeting

I was in a meeting yesterday where a project member from a... controversial... project was narrating a presentation about the scope and timeline of said project. For some reason, this guy's presentation had a timeline that showed phase 2 ending before phase 1 was complete. In this context, phase 2 shouldn't be able to start before phase 1 is complete.

GDad: I have a question about the timeline. How is it that you have the sign off for phase 2 happening before the sign off for phase 1?

Project Guy: Well, we had some issues with getting all of the stakeholders to agree, so we went ahead with phase 2. [WARNING - This is exactly why we don't overlap these phases!]

GDad: Oh. I guess my misunderstanding arose because I travel through time linearly. I didn't realize other people had different options.

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