Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More Fan Stuff

After months of forgetfulness, I finally called Hunter Fans to order the part that causes the fan lights not to respond to the remote control. I was ready to pay ~$60 for the part plus shipping.

I reached Amber at Hunter. She asked for my phone number and fan model number. I was prepared for that. Then she asked for a description of the problem. I mentioned that this was the second time I was having this problem.

She asked for my shipping address, which I provided, then she told me that the part was on its way. I was never that kid in class who said, "Teacher, you forgot to collect the homework," but I do have to admit that I was tempted to do that whenever teacher forgetfulness and my completion of the homework coincided. I asked Amber how I should pay for the part. She told me that she'd send it at no charge.

Hunter now officially rocks.

1 comment:

Baldo said...

If you wanted the fan to not respond to the remote, I would suggest saving the $60 and just taking the batteries out of the remote. :)