Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rodentia in Absentia

The first couple of years we lived in our house, we had various specimens of wildlife around that would pop up out of nowhere. There were some groundhogs that lived way out back and would scour the back field for whatever groundhogs like to eat or collect. Our old neighbor, who hailed from a state known more for inbreeding than our state once pointed at one and said, "Look - a groundhog. Them's good eatin'." Words to live by.

We also had squirrels, but then the raccoons scared them away. Or maybe the hawks did. Anyway, I miss the fact that the squirrels used to dispose of many of the acorns that our enormous oak tree drops each year. However, when I step on acorns in my soft-soled moccasins, I console myself by remembering that squirrels are just rats in drag.

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Mandy said...

Maybe it was said neighbor who scared the squirrels away. I would wager that "Thems good eatin' too."