Monday, November 12, 2007

Eccentric Senescence

Last night, we watched an episode of Corner Gas where Oscar described his experience with destroying things. The schtick they use on the show is that they show the flashbacks, but the characters in the present act as though the speaker had narrated the flashback. One of Oscar's flashbacks was him in the kitchen making a salad. As he dropped the last bit of lettuce in the bowl, the salad exploded. Another character asked how one could blow up a salad, and Oscar replied, "It happens more often than you'd think."

The last time we bought furniture, we went to the showroom of a big furniture warehouse kind of place. The sales guy was an older man who'd had a lot of experience with such things. He encouraged us to look at certain pieces once we'd explained our needs to him.

One of the big selling points of the piece we eventually bought was that it had been treated with a stain-resistant Teflon coating. The salesman told us that the coating had no color, odor, or taste. GPop did a double-take and said, "Honestly, how many people taste their couches?"

Without missing a beat, the salesman replied, "You'd be surprised."