Friday, November 16, 2007

Elegant, Beautiful, Strange, part 3


The guy from the previous installments of Elegant, Beautiful, Strange (EBS Guy) just stopped by my desk for a neighborly kvetch session. So far, so good. Work is unfulfilling, time passes faster as you get older, so many years until retirement, my shirt is covered in lint, etc. Pretty innocuous conversation for my precaffeinated state.

EBS Guy: I read in the news that they discovered an ancient Roman burial site in Syria recently.

GDad: Really? That's interesting.

EBS Guy: Yeah. I'm fascinated by this stuff. Hey, did you know they say that the Greek civilization may go back a lot farther than we think?

GDad: Really? I know they were one of the old ones...

EBS Guy: Yeah, they found that the ancient Greeks may have had a full civilization while there were still dinosaurs on the planet. The Greeks hunted them.

GDad: . . .

EBS Guy: Yeah, they did DNA testing and everything. Imagine... hunting dinosaurs.

GDad: I wouldn't have guessed that.

EBS Guy: I saw it on the History Channel.

GDad: Makes you think.

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Sid Schwab said...

Also makes you wonder what he thinks he saw on the history channel. Reminds me of when I was a kid and a neighbor kid told some sort of scary story, claiming it was true. I told him it couldn't be true, and he said "yes it is. I heard it on the Hall of Fantasy."

Back in radio days.