Monday, November 26, 2007

In Which I Reveal That I Am a Fanboy (BSG Razor Spoilers!)

I was corresponding with Hoji at Geek, Interrupted about Battlestar Galactica Razor. We both are both excited and perhaps pathetic. Hoji's remarks are in bold; my responses are in plain text.

Grandpa Hybrid - what's up with that? (kinda cool tho)
Do hybrids age, then? If so, what about skin jobs?

Old school Cylons - *giggles like schoolgirl with glee*
Old school Cylons - EXCELLENT!

Old school Cylons part Deux - Are there more? Are they plotting to overthrow their "children?"
Old school Cylons talk, just like TOS! I guess the new Cylon warrior machines didn't need voices, since they were only created as warriors, and the humanocylons with whom they needed to interact could use Cylon juju to communicate with them.

Starbuck - casting doubt on her 'destiny' - 12th cylon? Nahhhhhhhh
Starbuck's destiny may be foretold by competing prophecies, a la the Belgariad. This could mean that she's destined to do one of two things, but even the gods are unsure which path she will follow. Of course, it could also be that she is destined both to lead humanity to Earth and to destroy humanity. That would stink. Maybe they run out of tylium somewhere around Saturn's orbit, and they arrive at the solar system in, say, 1873 AD. Made it to the neighborhood; couldn't find the house.

Gina and Cain (or at least Cain) - should have expected it, but didn't see it coming
I think I heard that a while ago. Maybe it nailed the motivation, but I think it may have been more to titillate the fanboys.

Adama the Elder - oh, he happened to be the guy on the surface of the planet when the Hybrid took off. How convenient. *snort*
Adama's presence on the planet when the Hybrid left - some speculation... I read a guess that perhaps the skin jobs actually came from Cylons created by Earth, and they joined with the Cylons from the colonies. Razor kind of clobbers that guess, but maybe there's a line of thought we can pursue there.

Perhaps the Significant Seven (SS) humanocylons left the Old School Cylons (OSC) to ramp up for the assault on the colonies. The OSCs may have been in the process of creating the Final Five (FF) at the time the SSs left. The SSs had all of the technology to create new hybrids, resurrection ships, etc., and they knew that there would be five more models, but they didn't have knowledge of what those models looked like or how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

Take this a bit further. If the OSCs' goal was to achieve organic sentience in order to commune with the Cylon god, then perhaps the whole "destroy humanity" directive became unimportant to them. They may have even wanted to save humanity, because they could have developed a morality that held life to be sacred, irrespective of whether it was human or cylon. If that is so, then perhaps the OSCs modified the FFs to save humanity from the SSs. You'll notice that all of the FFs so far have continued to support humanity even after realizing they were Cylons. It could be that the OSCs knew that the SSs would attack humanity, so they set plans into motion to protect humans out of a sense of propriety or guilt. That would also speak to the modified Cylon plan to "guide" humanity during the New Caprica occupation.

How does that tie to Adama? Well, he was present at the hybrid facility at the end of the war, so maybe he has some kind of mystic or sentimental significance to the OSCs. They might have put people in place to guide him in his career with subtle pushes in the right direction as well as to protect humanity. Saul Tigh has known Adama for 20+ years, so he has had ample opportunity to influence Adama. Chief Tyrol has had some opportunity to help out. The FFs may not have even known what they were doing, but their programming could have helped them with those pushes.

That would also provide some of the motivation for Cain. Her sleeper programming to protect humanity was reinforced by the duplicity of the Gina 6 (Not the Jena Six). She also had a strong reaction to the Cylon attack that may have been part of her sleeper programming spurring her to action, and that action may have been to find the rest of humanity by following the Cylon fleet.

Of course, this provides another possible Cylon in Laura Roslin. She seems to be uncharacteristically hostile to the enemy Cylons (to wit, throwing Leoben Conroy out an airlock), but when Athena/Boomer 8 allied with the humans, Roslin warmed up quite a bit. She is in a position to defend humanity, as well. She also had the same Opera House visions as the Number 3 model regarding the FFs.

Trying to bring some rationalization to the table as to Cain's actions - not really needed
Rationale for Cain's actions - see above.

I'm still trying to figure out how this sets up the final season (March? ARGH)
March? Feh.

If my house of cards is built on a solid foundation, then this could set up the new season by providing the FFs with a motivation to continue to serve humanity. The whole milieu is steeped in religious significance for humans and Cylons, so a mystical calling would not be out of character for these folks.

My money is still on Cain as the last Cylon. That would be delicious...
Cain as the final Cylon. I'd go along with that, but I'd hedge my bet with Laura Roslin, unless I'm forgetting that she has passed the "human" test from Baltar's Cylon detector. Of course, we don't know that Baltar's detector works correctly on the FFs. If they are physiologically different, then they may not be detectable by that machine.

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