Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gluteosmooch Me, Mr. O'Reilly

Son had a bunch of gift cards to use, so we ended up in Blockbuster this evening. He wanted to purchase a used game for his new Sony PSP, which he's purchased for himself. As we were leaving, I saw a box of candy wrapped in white paper and a bow. On the box was written, "Happy Christokwanzhanamas!" in red and green marker.

I asked the kid behind the counter, "Has anyone complained about this box?" He shook his head and told me that he didn't know of any complaints.

I would have thought that True PatriotsTM would have knocked the kid on his butt for even standing next to that box. Wait a minute... Maybe the whole "War on Christmas" thing is a bunch of made-up nonsense.


Alexc3 said...

The War on Christmas is just a sad attempt by Christians to stop people from being tolerant. After all, it's a horrible thing to use words that might be considered neutral, right?

Just as it's better to refer to say "people" than "men" (for example, "All people created equal > all men created equal), it's better to say, "Happy Holidays" than "Merry Christmas," since Happy Holidays works for not just those who celebrate Christmas. Those "War on Christmas" idiots really annoy me.

Dave said...

gluteosmooch, that's awesome! Especially paired with O'Reily. Not a domain yet. In fact, you are the only post in the world that has that word.

You're like a modern day Shakespeare.