Friday, January 4, 2008

Mea Culpa

Can't sleep. Upset.

First, let me apologize to Bishop Slattery of Oklahoma. He was just the last person in a series of people that spoke factual untruths that finally made me upset enough to spout off. My random spewings weren't up to the quality of snark I reserve for deserving folks.

Second, let me say that I agree wholeheartedly with Bishop Slattery's assertion that the new Oklahoma law against transporting illegal immigrants is unjust.

OK, if you've stayed with me so far, here's the deal. Quite a few people that I've noticed lately have been making statements that are factually untrue. Many of these people are speaking outside their realms of authority, and yet they expect that authority to carry over to the new realm. Doesn't work that way.

Once, an acquaintance of mine made an absurd statement. When he saw that the rest of the people in the room weren't buying it, he appealed to his authority as a holder of a PhD. He actually said something like, "How many people in this room have a PhD?"

Another person in the room called him out by reminding people that the first speaker's degree was in an unrelated area. He said, "In THEATER!"

It would be so tempting, and so very dangerous to one's career to call people out like that at work.

The other danger, and the one that is a bit more insidious, because it hides from us when we are angry, is that sometimes people have great insights in fields where they aren't especially trained. If that never happened, we'd still be living in the trees. Or maybe the trees were a bad idea, and we should never have left the oceans.

In any case, Bishop Slattery is simply the last straw, and no more weighty than any of the others.

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