Friday, January 4, 2008

The Middle

Yeah, still can't sleep. Upset. Feeling maudlin.

The Middle
by Ogden Nash

When I remember bygone days
I think how evening follows morn;
So many I loved were not yet dead,
So many I love were not yet born.

I'd like to recognize a number of people who are important to me now. Some have been part of my life in person for years, and some have been pixels on my screen for a few weeks. Thanks to all of you for your love, and happy 2008.

Brothers 1, 2, and 3
SILA 1 and 2
Dad & Stepmom
Maternal Grandmother
Paternal Grandparents
Baldo and Geekina McNerdy
Marcot Ravenswatch
Eggbert Terwilliger
M & M
Mandy and Mr. Mandy
Hoji and family
PC Strobe and family
Angry Professor
Cranky Prof
Dr. Sid Schwab


Angry Professor said...

You're better than okay. Go to sleep.

CrankyProf said...

Indeed. Hugs (and Cadbury's eggs) to you.

Now get some damn sleep.

Hoji said...


baldo said...


Oh, and by the way, in the font and browser that I am viweing your blog, until I looked closer, I thought the line said "I think how evening follows mom;"

GDad said...

Thanks, everyone. Much better now.

Mandy said...

(dashes in and gives a few-days-late hug)