Monday, January 21, 2008

Relationship Advice

Several years ago, my grandmother and my late grandfather went on a cruise. They had never before had the opportunity, so they decided it was time. They really enjoyed themselves, and they had memories to share for a couple of years before Grandpa passed away.

On the cruise, the dinner entertainment included an MC that kept things moving. During one dinner, he was talking about relationships and asked the audience who had been married the shortest time. Of course, there were a couple of newlywed couples on their honeymoons, so they worked out who had been married the latest, and those folks came up on stage.

The MC asked the couple what was the most important aspect of maintaining a happy marriage. The newlyweds said something like, "You just need to love each other," or whatever. They were giddy and giggly. The older couples in the audience chuckled about the shiny new couples.

After the MC had sent the newlyweds back to their table, he asked the crowd to help him find the couple that had been married the longest. After a few moments, he determined that Grandpa and Grandma were that couple. They went up on stage, and he asked them the same question. Grandma told him that love and good communication and compromise were critical for a long and happy marriage. The MC turned to Grandpa and asked him, "And what's your secret to a long and happy marriage?"

Grandpa, always a man of few words, cleared his throat and looked kind of uncomfortable up on the stage. After a moment, he took the microphone, held it close to his face, and said, "Keep your damn mouth shut."

The crowd lost it. Grandpa was a bit of a celebrity for the rest of the cruise.


Hoji said...

Heh. Classic. You should submit that to Reader's Digest. ;)

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