Monday, February 25, 2008

Angry Language Guy

Cranky Prof asked for Angry Language Guy's take on "irregardless."

Irregardless, and its sibling, irregardlessly, are single word double negatives. They make me throw up, just a little, in the back of my mouth. Irrespective of its status as a word, my spell checker in Firefox chooses not to tag it as a misspelling. Now I need to brush my teeth and gargle.

UPDATE: Mea culpa - I used "it's" when I should have used "its." I fixed it.


Jen said...

I try to stay away from this word. If you take off the first ir the word still means the same thing, or it used as if does. Regardless, I stay away from it's use.

pixnlil said...

So I had to find your blog again, as my links didn't copy over from my old machine to my new one properly. As I googled "EBS Guy" I had to chuckle.