Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blast from the Past

I was reading about something or other on the Intarwebs, and I came across this lovely gem of a human being. I recall this nitwit from the national GLQTB(etc.) news rags so many years ago.

For the link-impaired, here's the text from a site called Our Campaigns ( The man described is Billy Inmon, a former general manager of the Ohio State Fair.

Inmon refused to allow the Stonewall Union to participate in the Ohio State Fair charging the organizaiton with "dissemination of material harmful to minors." The group was allowed to participate in the fair and had a booth. Governor Voinovich fired Inmon as general manager.

Inmon decided to run as an Independent Candidate for Governor against Voinovich.

During August of the 1994 campaign, Inmon collapsed and had to be hospitalized after a 27-day hunger strike outside the Capitol in Columbus. He was trying to get incumbent George Voinovich to debate him, but Voinovich never did.

Nine days earlier on the 18th day of his hunger strike, a man protesting Inmon's anti-gay policies urinated on Inmon's tent, provoking Inmon to point a gun at him.

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