Friday, February 8, 2008

The Dark Side of Presenting

A while back, I gave a presentation in front of about 150 of my peers. I was the first of four speakers in that section of the day's program, and I knew that the dense nature of the material had a big chance of losing the audience. In order to keep people awake and engaged through my 15 minutes, I announced at the beginning that I would be randomly selecting an audience member at the end of my speech to report out on how many times I said, "Um."

When I finished up, the person I chose was someone I knew had a voice that could carry, and who would be willing to play along. He told me that I'd ummed only twice.

The speakers who followed me were very self-conscious about saying, "Um." I completely threw off their presentations. That made me laugh.


pixnlil said...

You are an evil, cruel man, Mr. Gdad.

Jen said...

Agree with Mandy you are cruel and evil. I'll have to remember that trick.