Friday, February 8, 2008

Foto Phriday - Two Weeks in One

I missed Foto Phriday last week, so here are two pictures.

This is my wonderful son looking out over a foggy lake at a nature preserve near our home. The weather presented us with a sudden warm, wet spell, so the cold air right above the lake caused some pea soup, London-style fog from shore to shore. There were geese honking in the mist. I think they were lost.

This is a picture of a basket full of credit/debit card receipts near the register at a local Tim Horton's restaurant. When I paid for my coffee and Son's sandwich, the cashier gave me my card receipt with the redacted (XXXXXXXXXXXX1234) number on it, and took the store copy with the full card number and expiration date on it (1234123412341234) and tossed it into the basket. As soon as I got home, I contacted the Tim Horton's corporate office to alert them of this egregious breach of credit card security, and they told me that the district manager would be out to fix the problem within two or three days. That seems like a reasonable response, so kudos to them. The receipts are in that little basket to the right of the straws.

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