Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jumping Media = Jumping the Shark

On Friday evening, as I was heading home from work, GPop called to tell me that he was feeling a bit under the weather. Son called and told me the same thing. Since I was healthy, I stopped at the grocery store complex to make sure I could take care of my man and my boy while they weren't quite up to snuff.

At the Blockbuster, I picked up the Spiderwick Chronicles game for the Wii, Explorers, and Final Fantasy VII. We tried to watch FF VII. We couldn't finish it. Son, GPop, and I kept saying things like, "What the heck does that mean?" or "Where did he come from?" or "That doesn't make any sense." Finally, Son said, "This makes my head hurt. Can we stop watching this?" GPop and I agreed.

We've seen quite a few movies based on video games. By and large, they are awful. I imagine that I will someday learn this lesson. At least until a Zelda or Metroid movie comes out.


Jen said...

They have made a Zelda Movie. It was stupid too. The fun part about the video game is the interactive aspect of it. Take that away and it's no surprise it kinda sucks. Daughter and I play the DS Zelda on days like that. Son beat the things when we first got it but mom is a lot slower. Zelda Rocks!

Alex said...

Well, at least the Legend of Zelda cartoons are interesting.


GDad said...

Last year, I bought Son the entire run of the Zelda cartoons on DVD. He watched the whole thing in a few days, but I found it hard to jump back 20 years to that animation style.

Anonymous said...

The Advent Children movie only makes sense to people who have played through the Final Fantasy 7 game.

:) Another name for the Advent Children could be "Jenova's Witnesses"