Saturday, February 23, 2008

They're Heeeeere!

Hi. This is Mayor McCheese of Capital City. I'm calling to remind you that *click*

Hi. This is Barack Obama calling to tell you that *click*

Hi. This is outgoing Republican Congresscritter Useless McDumbass calling to *click*

Um... Are you OK?
"Oh, Hi Eggbert. Sorry. Political robocalls."
Oh. I was calling to invite you to the Home and Garden show at the convention center this weekend, but if you need some time to yell at a puppy...


Anonymous said...

I don't get those calls. The phone book listed me with the wrong number years ago and I haven't seen a reason to change make the correction.

GDad said...

Instead of listing me as Lastname, GDad, the phone book lists me as Lastname, G. There's a woman somewhere in this region who is also G. Lastname, and she has a pretty hefty criminal background. I used to get calls about once a month from collection agencies looking for her.

CrankyProf said...

Oh, those calls frost my flakes.