Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fimbulvetr Lite

We were just granted the blizzard of the generation. The weather where I grew up was quite a bit more snow-oriented in the winter, but since I've moved 120 miles south, we don't get quite the snow I remember as a kid. The Great Blizzard of '78, for example was... [Here's where the kids roll their eyes and leave the room.]

This weekend, however, the measurement I made on our patio showed 9.5 inches when I got out the ol' tape measure last night. That's almost like 10 inches of snow. Here's a picture from my back door about half way through the blizzard.


Jen said...

Yuck! I feel for you. I walked out of one of the big box hardware stores today and it had started to snow. I almost pitched the mother of all hissy fits right there in the parking lot but then I got a grip. I can totally see that half of our walking rambling homeless may actually be people like me who have simply had it with the god awful winter.

Mandy said...

10?! 10!!???! Pffft! I am apparently on the wrong side of town here! We measured a neat 22 up here. We have video of puppies "swimming" in snow deeper than they are tall. Throwing them out into it and watching them try to get back to the door was most amusing. However, the still not completely shoveled driveway is decidedly NOT.