Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Madness

Because of some electoral chicanery from several years ago, GPop and I are registered Republicans for voting purposes, even though we won't vote for a Republican at the national level until their party platform drops explicit discrimination against us. Because our state has laws that allow crossover voting, this doesn't hurt us at the polls, although I suspect we may be skewing someone's funding or demographic analysis. The benefit is that we get all kinds of information from Republicans that show us just how ridiculous some of their positions are, and how they are trying to triangulate on that demographic that doesn't like the queers or the immigrants, but doesn't want to say so in such specific language, and imagine themselves wealthy enough to be affected by tax cuts for the rich, even though they would have to double or triple their income to hit the bottom of that particular financial tier. In this primary season, we've been receiving mailers and phone calls from all sorts of people, but one in particular is beyond simply entertaining and moves into the realm of alarming.

This candidate - let's call him Rob Hatt - is running to be the Republican nominee for the US House of Representatives in the general election in November. This guy was in our state house of representatives for two terms, but from different districts. When he lost his re-election bid the first time, he moved to another district so he could run in that one. Then he lost re-election in that district.

This guy is a whack job of the highest order - 33rd degree or something. He's been carpetbombing us with mailers asking for money or support of some kind for a couple of weeks now. In each mailer, he gets progressively (reactionarily?) more shrill. In the latest mailer, he accuses his Republican rival - again, REPUBLICAN rival - of supporting the largest tax increase in history, funding abortions (the wording suggests that the abortions may be mandatory and coerced or something), and, I kid you not, supporting a bill that would require kindergarteners to be forcibly injected with some serum created from aborted fetuses.

He goes on to say that this rival, Sam Schweiz, is actively trying to destroy the American family with abortion funding, teaching of evil-u-tion, and removing Jesus from our schools. He tells us that, unlike Sam Schweiz, Rob Hatt is out to save 'Murica as evidenced by his record of supporting his particular prayer in schools and sponsoring a bill at the state level to prohibit gay men and lesbians from being able to foster or adopt children. When that particular abomination of legislation happened a couple of years ago, I castigated every legislator who sponsored the bill, wrote to every legislator who was on any committee that might hear the bill, and then baited all of the co-sponsors with another letter a few days later that asked them if they would consider even stronger measures to keep the queers out of our schools and neighborhoods. None of them ever responded.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that this yahoo fades away soon.

UPDATE: Upon further examination, it appears that the second page of his recent screed may actually be flecked with spittle.

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