Friday, April 4, 2008

BSG "Live" Blogging

Yes, the scare quotes are intentional.

Hoji and I may be liveblogging tonight during the BSG Season 4 premier. This depends on whether Son is mature enough to watch or if he can be persuaded to go find something else to do.

See you all there and then.

UPDATE: I thought it started at 9:00. Since it seems to start at 10:00, I should be able to liveblog with about a 30-minute delay.


Mike said...

You're either liveblogging OR blogging with a 30 minute delay. You cant be doing both. Precision in all we say, grasshopper

GDad said...

O ye of black-and-white world view, why do you struggle so?

The event is an hour long. If I have a 30-minute delay, I can be blogging whilst the program is running.

Chris said...

Perhaps Timeshift-Blogging would be more accurate :D