Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day-o, Day-ay-ay-ay-o!

It's Drag Your Spawn to Work day here. Son's school chose to avoid the issue of excuses/unexcused absences by making the day a teacher inservice day instead of a normal class day. Last year, Son came with me. This year, he preferred to stay home.

Our divisional president sponsored breakfast today with the kids at our location. One of the people in our department quipped, "My son met the president of our company on his only day here, and I've worked here for five years without ever meeting the guy."


Mike said...

I wisely chose to work at home today. Thus missing "Inflict your spawn on your coworkers" day

Tea N. Crumpet said...

My husband works in a public health lab. Today the 25th, one of the kids is finally 12 and is allowed to go and tour it and learn from People in the Know about HIV and STD's, as well as botulism and all kinds of stuff that people can catch.

GDad said...


Wow. That would be pretty cool. That might lead to an educated child who understood why the local news expose' about how Botox injections contained poison was such a waste of time.