Friday, April 25, 2008

EBS Guy - Cranky Edition

EBS Guy stopped by to tell me what a craptacular day he was having. His job is to manage a team of IT folks who work in a maintenance capacity for a big system. My job is to manage a group of IT people who gather requirements for new projects that affect that system. He was telling me that he felt like we were trying to do too much with too many people. I showed him my list of incoming projects that the management team thought we were "focusing" on. There were about thirty items on the list.

EBS Guy: This is stupid! [Throws list on ground.] We're getting sucked into a big-ass sinkhole!

By Jove, I think he's onto something!


Jen said...

I'll comment since no one else is around. Where is everyone? I'm lonely.

Hoji said...

I may have contributed to EBS Guy's crankiness today. I told him off a bit earlier.

Go Megacorporation One!