Saturday, April 26, 2008

EBS Guy Grad School

EBS Guy is apparently attending another clown school event later in St. Louis. There will be thousands of clowns there. Why St. Louis? It's the only city with a convention center more than 1000 feet from a school or park.

DISCLAIMER: EBS Guy is no threat to children or adults.


CrankyProf said...

I. HATE. Clowns. Scary red-nosed bastards!

I'd have to club him like a seal.

GirlyWarrior said...

1. This cracks my shit up.

2. I have actually -worked- as a clown ... to make some monies for school. I had to quit when I realized my boss wasn't just playing the part of a clown, it was her actual personality. And that just gives me the "Uh Oh" feeling in my tummy.

3. my husband also worked as a clown for the same company, but he got fired on his first day - apparently he can't fake stupid happy like I can. Who would've thunk it?

4. This is slightly scary you mention this now because I was just about to write a blog post titled "Clowns Gone Wild" where I wrote an exciting expose on the clown industry. HA!

GDad said...

I know a guy at work who is terrified of clowns and of little people. I would so love to find a little person clown to show up at his desk.