Friday, April 25, 2008

Foto Phriday

Here's a picture of my mileage readout for this particular tank of gas. In case the readout is a bit confusing, I've gone 99.9 miles when this picture was taken, the engine has turned off due to "AUTO STOP" technology, and I have gotten 50.4 miles per gallon for the past 99.9 miles.

Funny story - I was showing this to a co-worker whom I've known (not closely) for roughly 10 years. I was telling him that my car gets excellent mileage. He said that my next step should be to get one of these cars for my wife. Heteronormativity lives!


Hoji said...

You... you... you... smug man you.

hwqe said...

Keep supporting my family's gaming addictions by buying more Hondas. I need to send this picture to work. Oh wait, emails are now out of the question as communication tools.