Sunday, April 27, 2008

Geek Humor in the Workplace

Person: I need to have a dialogue with you about this issue.

GDad: Will this be a modal dialog?

Person: Um.... no.

GDad: I don't have time to talk right now.

p.s. This conversation only happened inside my head.


Devorrah said...

I noticed that you love The Last Starfighter. I went to high school with Lance Guest, whose career unfortunately went nowhere after that.

GDad said...



By you introducing yourself to me, I think my six degrees to Kevin Bacon has just improved. Jen at Redhead Ranting mentioned that she used to babysit Nick Swardson, who's on Reno 911.

Anyway, please stop by again.

Jen said...

I know Garrison Keillor and went to school with Lindsey Frost. She was in a few movies in the 90's which I don't remember but one of them was with Harrison Ford. Mom went to school with Paula Prentis and her husband whose name escapes me. My grandmother dated Henry Fonda. Had she found him remotely attractive, which she didn't, I could have been Brigitte Fonda...or something like that.