Monday, April 14, 2008

Google Loves Me

Google loves me, this I know,
For Feedburner tells me so.
Weirdo searches find this page.
I'm too stoked to act my age!

Sorry - that last line wasn't my best ever. Anyway, here are some recent search terms that have landed on my blog. As always, I'm intrigued by the oddness. I've put them in alphabetical order rather than chronological, because I can.

ceiling fan remote receiver burn
You know, it's been a while since I wrote about my ceiling fan issues. I'll bet you would never guess that the receiver burnt out again so that we can't use the remote to toggle the light any more. I think we'll do a minor kitchen remodel this year and hire someone who can install a hard line rather than a remote-based fan.

clothestime ad drag queen
I'm not sure I want to parse this one out. It turns out that as of this writing, I'm in the top three Google searches for this phrase, though. Here's where it links.

Consistent Dripping Nose
Ewww. At least it comes to my site honestly.

cranial duplicity
I was talking about BSG. Imagine that. Even so, is the searcher looking for someone whose head has betrayed them? Odd, that.

cranium two bumps back
This sounds like someone giving driving directions while suffering from Wernicke's Aphasia.

fake-breasts drag home flour balloons
I am honored that someone could find my blog from this search term. I am disturbed that someone thought to type this search term. I am concerned that I am, as of this writing, the top result for this search term.

fotografia e gogurt
Sugeriría que usted navegue al Web site para Gogurt. ¡Gracias! ¡Venga otra vez!

furry wearing a Monocle
No, no, no. Go away. Now.

horseshoe mustache
EBS Guy rides again!

humpty dumpty evil
Actually, this is pretty accurate.

instant messaging mind control
The Sci-Fi channel has tried to implement this. We once signed up for Ghost Hunters updates through SMS. The show cracked me up. The several messages on every Wednesday did not. It does seem to work, though.

kitten plunger
I honestly can't imagine the context for this one.

One eyed kitten
All part of a theme.

slipper with ruffles
Captain Ruffles' eveningwear. Ewwww.

Thank god it's Friday Kitten
Is this the one that hangs in there?

three-Eyed one
I think I've gotten this one before.


Jen said...

how did you figure this out?

GirlyWarrior said...

I use (which is a free service also) and I love seeing what searches lead to my blog, it's funny stuff.

Mustang Bobby said...

You get much more interesting searches than me. I end up with "Eeyore" and "Yogi Bear."


Faith said...

A .....very interesting post for a fist timer to your blog and I loved it.

GDad said...

Faith, welcome! I hope you stay a while.

GirlyWarrior, I may try to add Statcounter to Feedburner. I just hope it doesn't cause some kind of meltdown.