Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heck's Cherub

Here's a short video of Son on his new Baja Racer mini bike. It's a pretty cool little machine.

The thing that cracks me up, though, is that the maximum weight is 150 lbs., and the minimum age is 16, according to the documentation and the web site. Here's the Venn diagram of the intersection of those sets, assuming the target audience is male.

If you expand the target to include female riders, then you've probably got a much larger intersection.


wrprintz said...

I think I weighed 150lbs at....11, perhaps 12. And no way I would have gotten a Baha Racer.

I did get a golf cart (no joke).

Jen said...

I'm glad to see he's wearing a helmet. Have you got a riding lawn mower too? Looks like he'd do pretty well on one of those and it looks like you could use one but that's just the practical mom in me. Enjoy!

Oh and wait until he figures out how to ride the bike and somehow utilize the trampoline all at the same time...

GDad said...

wrprintz, welcome! Yeah, I was 150 at 13. I remember it, because I wrestled, and I had to be aware of my weight class.

Jen, helmets every time. He's proud of his helmet, though. He wore it last night when we took a couple-mile bicycle ride.

Faith said...

The combo of trampoline and bike sounds dare devilish. But when does any young boy consider the fact it might not be a good idea. Guess that is how the motorcycle guys in the sphere at the circus got their start.

I have seen grown men try the bike. Most likely over the 150lb. Kinda of looked funny. Wish I had taken pictures back then.

Also glad to see a helmet.

Dave said...

You're killing me on this one. I fantasized about a minibike all through my youth. One of those few things my father would not give in to. I'm going to have to just drool watching the video. Way to go. He'll have special memories of this.