Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's See How this Pans Out

Son doesn't have school tomorrow. He's trying to go over to some new friend's house to spend the night. He called me from school via a borrowed cell phone to ask if he could ride the bus to Austin's house. I've never met Austin, but yesterday, when Son asked if Austin could come over to play, I found out that Austin's parents did not get home until about 5:00.

He told me that Austin had cleared the stay with his parents. He called me back about a half hour later to tell me that Austin now couldn't make any arrangements until 7:00 tonight, because he had some things to do. This seems to me to be a very different story from the one where Austin's parents were OK with some unknown kid (Son) coming over to spend the night without even speaking to the kid's parents.

I told Son to mow the lawn. He's out there now, and I just got home. The phone rang, and when I answered it, I got the "Is Son there?" demand. I have now implemented my standard response to that. The kid hasn't called back in five minutes. He's either confused, miffed, or a very slow learner.


Faith said...

Been there done that for 2 sons gone and 1 going. My rule was they don't go any where until I meet the kid and parents, even if I have to transport son there and meet the parents. I don't understand parents that drop their kids off with out coming in to meet me or allowing me to meet them when I pick their kid up.

Seems to me parenting is going down the toilet in a big flush. But then again I bet the parents of the 50's and 60's said the same thing. Personally, I'm sticking to the "old fashioned" I meet them and DON"T make any arrangements till it is run past me!! Sons gone didn't like it but tough. Possibly this last son won't either. But tough luck.

Oh by the way....I've taken kids on camping trips and the parents never ask for travel details or phone numbers (prior to the cell phone age). I made sure they had all info before we left.

Angry Professor said...

Ha! I didn't get that last post. Now I do. Perfect! I'm going to steal that, if you don't mind.

Jen said...

Angry Professor has confused me.

My son tries this every few years. The rule is I have to meet all friend's parents before they can spend the night here or he spends the night there. Friends can come over for a visit without me meeting parents, though I can't understand why that would happen but it does. He can't go to friends for visit unless I have met their parents. Life is not fair.

Have you started to get the calls at midnight from giggling girls yet?

Jen said...

Now I get it.