Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Pointy Hair

One of the gentlemen on my team is on a Caribbean cruise right now. He recently won an iPhone in a drawing, and he's been sending us pictures when he gets close enough to shore to get Internet access. He's sort of rubbing it in. "Here's a picture of the beach. Here's a picture from the deck. Here's a picture of this or that island. Here's a picture of..."

While he's gone, we learned of a new project that is another #1 priority, just like the other dozen #1 priorities. I decided to punish my absent team member by replying to his e-mails and assigning him this new project, which will involve some travel the week he gets back. Heh.

OK, before anyone accuses me of being too much of a jerk, this man loves to travel, and the trip is just one overnight stay. It was sort of funny, though.

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Faith said...

I wouldn't take you for a "jerk". I'd have assigned him to an office project for a few days.