Monday, April 28, 2008

Slummin' in the Land of Literacy

I used to read a lot of books. In my freshman year in high school, my English teacher encouraged us to keep a log of all of the books we read. I quit keeping track sometime in my senior year when I hit 300 books from the time I started counting. I didn't keep track of anything less than 150 pages, and I didn't count textbooks, although if we read a novel for class, I would count that.

Even into adulthood, I read a lot. My house is filled with books, and my barn has several plastic totes filled with books that we can't find room for in the house.

Since Son joined our family, though, my reading time is a little less available. I read out loud to Son every night, although lately he has been using the reading time to talk with me almost as much as we spend reading. I also try to keep up on current events via blogs and other news sources, so reading for pleasure is becoming more and more rare.

I decided to get my feet wet again, so I just read Half Moon Investigations, by Eoin Colfer. It's a nice quick read. I hope I have time to turn on the ol' brain again soon, though.


Janet said...

Thanks for reminding me of this author, I'm going to give the book a try. I've got a few of the Artemis Fowl stories as audiobooks and really enjoyed listening to them. A love of books and reading is such a gift, I'm sure it'll rub off on son growing up in a house filled with books. :)

GDad said...


Thanks for coming back for another visit. I listened to the first Artemis Fowl audiobook while on a trip a while back, and I picked up the second one last night. I'm hoping for a good read.

Faith said...

I love to read!! I'm open to almost any topic. I have had soooo many books, I've had to clean out and give them away only to start a collection again. God forbid, Fahrenheit 451 would ever occur in reality. I'd be one of those people in the closed hidden community memorizing a book or two.

And with what they ban in some school libraries, well.....