Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Víkingar ferðuðust mikið.

For several days, we've been working on elements of a Viking costume for Son's social studies class. His Viking name is to be Sax the Mankiller. Right now, I would have guessed his name to be "Sax the 'why are your jeans in the middle of the living room floor?'"

After recycling the tunic from his Link costume, making a Viking helmet out of posterboard, and struggling with some thick cloth for the pants that kept BREAKING NEEDLES AND THREAD ON MY SEWING MACHINE, we finally got the pieces together last night. Around bedtime, Son said, "Oh, I forgot. I need a cape for my costume."

At least it's not due today.

That's Icelandic up there.


Angry Professor said...

My sympathies. The AK has kept me at my sewing machine all winter. I console myself with the thought that, when she needs a Viking costume later in life, I will be able to make it out of something soft and filmy.

'Cause the girl is pink to the bone.

Faith said...

Did you try that "sewing glue"? I found that to be helpful on fabric that I can't get needles through.

And why is that boys leave their pants in the middle of the floor? All of mine have. It must be a male bot thing.

GDad said...

AP, I am having a really hard time thinking of a chaste Viking costume made of something soft and filmy. I humbly beg your forgiveness.

Faith, I bought bigger and more powerful thread and needles. And, because I was feeling all masculine, I bought METAL bobbins. Metal Bobbins - Mary Poppins' really butch cousin.

GDad said...

OK, for those of you that weren't paying attention, "masculine" and "metal bobbins" are very unlikely ever to appear in the same sentence nonironically.