Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Reason I Am Proud of My Son

Son is 13. He recently asked me to set up a second savings account for him so that he could save up money for a car. I told him that he should put at least 20% of his allowance and gift money into the double-secret account so that it would grow pretty steadily.

Over the weekend, he told me that he'd rather put that percentage up to 50%. And, after considering his options, he's going to defer buying another video game system (the PS3) until he can save up for it under this new financial plan.


Queers United said...

sounds like a savvy investor to me.

Bill said...

How very responsible. Smart, too, because those Maybachs are very pricey.

GDad said...

I wish I could pull off looking like I could afford a Maybach. From what I gather, they put together a customized, hard-bound sales proposal that could double as a coffee table book.

Of course, any such book at our house would have circular stains on it from cereal bowls.