Friday, May 30, 2008

Call for Parental Advice

Son is finishing up seventh grade. He brought home his yearbook yesterday. GPop joined him on the couch while I was being antisocial with whatever disease I had yesterday. I overheard this monologue as Son was pointing to kids in the yearbook.

Son: He sits next to on the bus. She's in my science class. He's kind of crazy. I asked her out. He's on the baseball team. I asked her out. She's sort of mean. He's always in trouble. I asked her out. I don't know him. He's really funny. I asked her out.

And so on....

I got a bit concerned that he was asking so many girls out, and yet he has never said that any have agreed. I'm not concerned so much that "going out" in seventh grade will lead to dancing or whatever. I'm more concerned that striking out again and again will lead to Son being regarded as that creepy kid who doesn't get how to act around girls. Just to provide some context, Son is reasonably well-liked at school, and he has several friends whose neuroses seem to be well within the first standard deviation.

I talked to Mandy about this today, and she told me I was being a worrywart, based on her experience as a middle-school girl. I value her input tremendously, and I promise to let this go soon, but I did want to see if any other parents out there ever had similar worries and how they got over them.

Full disclosure: In middle school, I was a bit quiet and shy, and I had the reputation of being smart and kind of weird*, so this is a bit beyond my ken.

*If you know me in person now, just shut up. Seriously, the first person who says, "In middle school?" will get a wet willie. You have been warned.


Mandy said...

But, but, but . . . I didn't know you then!! How can I not say it!??! Must hold tongue - wih bof hanfs . . . gak!

Jen said...

As you know my son's gf's mom called me yesterday about the birth control pills. My friend just called and her daughter just joined the Navy.

Worry all you want, and you will, but a confidant man is extremely sexy. The chicks might not dig him now but they will.

I love the use of the past tense of weird...

I'll give myself the wet willie.

M&M said...

I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that anyone - at any point of your life - would consider you weird!

(I'm not sure if that will avoid the wet willy, but technically speaking I didn't call you weird. I should warn you, that if it doesn't, I'm withholding an unspecified homemade-by-M&M baked good in the future!)

Faith said...


My son just turned 14. He's a kid that walks to his own drum. He's "asked" 1 girl out and I met her and her grandmother at the bowling alley. Matter of fact I bowled with them. (ok what does that say to you?) After learning experiences with my elder sons I was going to be more conservative this time. Their date time is now lunch.

Maybe your son is just asking girls that can't appreciate him. The right one will say yes when it's time. Don't worry.

Weird? I just don't get that feeling about you from reading here. (smile)

GDad said...

OK, so I suppose that nobody actually tripped the switch for receiving a wet willie, if you want to follow the most conservative reading of the warning, but...

Seriously, though, thanks to everyone who let me know their own experiences and thoughts about this. My son will grow up to be a fine man.