Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cloverfield, or Cloverpot

Throughout my life, I've been good at spotting four-leaf clovers. Some years ago, I started referring to that talent as my superpower. Some time ago, Geekina McNerdy was going to kill a clover patch in her lawn that had a lot of four-leaf clover presence. I took it and potted it. It's pretty.

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Faith said...

Hi gdad, As a child growing up, I looked all over our lawn looking for the illusive four leaf clover. I found one 2 times in my life. I was given clover when I hosted a St. Patty's day dinner about 5 years ago. The clover continues to grow by my sink, thinning and growing bushy year after year. Surely you must be blessed to have so many in a pot.