Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jack Norworth, 1908

We were able to get free tickets to the local minor league baseball team's game last night. GPop had a stack of them he got at work, so we took Son, Son's Older Brother, and us to the game. As it turns out, the boys are way more sports-oriented than GPop and I are, but they are sports fans in the sense that they seem to have a favorite team, because the other kids at school have a favorite team.

My favorite team is the Sweetwater All Stars.

Anyway, baseball seems to be a sport where not a whole lot happens, so the organizers put together a list of activities to keep the crowd entertained. There was the "College-aged Women Throw Stuff Into the Audience" event, the "Everyone Cheer for Their Favorite Song" event, and the "Roll Giant Dice to Determine the Prize" event.

When they got to the "Show the Waving Audience Members on the Big Screen" event, I decided I wanted to be onscreen. Instead of jumping up and down and waving, I sat very still, raised my hand in the Vulcan Live Long and Prosper salute from Star Trek, and stared at the cameraman. He was panning over the crowd and picking people out that looked interesting. GPop also raised his hand in a similar salute.

We totally got on the big screen by geeking out. I think our screen time was longer than most of the others. I laughed a lot.

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Jen said...

We of the St. Paul Saints started this tradition of doing silly things between innings and such. It was Bill Murray who started all this fun and games when he bought the team decades ago. And yes I have met him, his cousin is the mother of my son's girlfriend. She and I, the girlfriend's mother, started hanging out in third grade. I'd forgotten about him, add him to the list.