Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Product

Today, I was washing the car, and all of the muscles in my lower back went, and I quote, "Squinch!" Owie!

Son and GPop are putting out the garden whilst I'm inside trying to find the least uncomfortable position in which to sit. I'm not succeeding.

I found this video. I laughed a lot. It hurt.


Bill said...

The human back is a capricious & spiteful thing. I was in bed for a week during high school from reaching for something on a closet shelf.

I watched the video clip, and I have a question. Are you taking prescription narcotics for your back pain?

GDad said...

No. But I was overcaffeinated.

M&M said...

Two things struck me when I watched the video:

1. I wish I had been there when the actor was reading the script for the first time. Can you IMAGINE how far his jaw dropped? "You want me to say WHAT?"

2. That being said, he was good at saying all of that gobbledy-gook (sorry for the technical word). So maybe he should be the next engineer in the next Star Trek movie. He'd a be a natural for all for their dialog.

Jen said...

I expected to see a gerbil on a wheel when he opened one of the doors.