Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not Funny; Funny

Accusing and convicting someone of vehicular homicide is not funny.

Accusing and convicting someone of vehicular genocide is sort of funny, when you think about it.

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Faith said...

FOr some reason my mind focused in on the vehicular homicide. I had a friend killed in a car wreck by the other driver's care less driving. That driver received a $92 fine for the accident.

Genocide? way to keep the gene pool purer.

BUT...what about the lady who ran her husband over and then backed up to make sure she had actually got him. (This was in the news a few years ago). (smile in a warped sort of way) Would this count as genocide if he had not yet had children? (of course it depends on exactly what their relationship issues were about)

Ok my mind travels on. If it Was vehicular genocide.....what would the fines, jail time, probation be?